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The company MESPRO was established in 2001 to continue the 30 years’ tradition of the production of single purpose machines in the company MORA MORAVIA a.s. By 1 January 2002, this work, along with the entire team of staff, had been assumed.

Since its beginnings, the company has specialized in tailor-made solutions which meet the customers’ requirements and does not rely on standard production lines. This customer-oriented approach has enabled MESPRO to build up a strong position amongst subcontractors in the automotive industry in the region of Moravia.

In the course of time, the company has also become specialized in the development and construction of robotized workplaces, and in the completion of production and assembly lines. Nowadays our team of skilled staff is capable of providing solutions in the fields of automatic assembly, welding, application of glues and other high-viscous materials, rubber profiles working, or production machinery operating. We also have a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of fixtures for the aviation industry.

At present MESPRO has a team of about 30 staff who fulfil all the company’s functions, ranging from commercial operations through the development and design to manufacture, putting into operation, and subsequent service. The development of all our equipment is, of course, in 3D system.

We hope that your company can also benefit from the solution MESPRO is capable of providing in order to make your production more effective by employing automatic machinery, a production line or a robotized workplace.

Pavel Preč

Company Director