Single-purpose machines

Production lines

Single-purpose machines and equipment designed and produced at MESPRO have been one of the company’s principal activities since its foundation. The equipment that we develop is designed on the basis of close cooperation with a customer so that the required parameters are met. We are capable of suggesting production technology and subsequentely a piece of equipment, either on the basis of a definition of the final part or by adapting ourselves to the technology required by the customer.

Apart from the production of single-purpose machines, the company has rich experience in the construction of complete production lines, along with their accessories. We are capable of designing not only production lines using simple stand-alone workplaces, but also complex production systems designed on the basis of transport systems or rotary tables. The lines can be operated entirely automatically, or it is possible to implement in the line manual workplaces equipped with fixtures and components of small automatization.

Robotized workplaces

Industrial automation

Soon after its foundation, MESPRO started to cooperate with KUKA, the world‘s leading supplier of industrial robots. Today we are able to offer a wide range of applications using industrial robots, ranging from fine assembly operations, welding, application of glues, sealers and other materials, to manipulation and palletization operations. We are also able to implement the industrial robots to the existing production technologies or to develop new workplaces.

Our products are equipped with control systems from SIEMENS and with automation technology of other leading producers. Our products feature a high safety standard as well as the most advanced active safety elements used in them. When designing our systems, we place emphasis on user-friendliness and clearly organized machines diagnostics. This is why most of our workplaces are equipped with touch panels and other visual components.

Reconstruction and repairs of machinery and lines

Our company is not only engaged in supplying new equipment, we also carry out reconstruction and overhauls of older machinery and production lines, or their complete redesign using used components. The extent of their utilization depends on the common assessment between a customer and our company. Reconstruction is carried out in a way to ensure conformity to the required safety standards and compliance with the legislation in force.