Since the beginning of our operation, we have focused on tailor-made solutions. We do not rely on a standard product line. With this approach, we have built a good reputation and a strong position among the suppliers of production lines and machines, not only in the area of automotive industry.

Our job

We are mainly engaged in the development and construction of robotized workplaces, along with assembling production and assembly lines. We are able to efficiently meet the requirements from the areas of automatic assembly, welding, application of adhesives and other high-viscosity materials, as well as with processing rubber profiles, or the operation of production machines. We also have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of products intended for aircraft production. With that scope, we offer you the solution addressing your particular needs for streamline production by deploying automated machinery, a production line, or a robotized workplace.

Technical background

We use our own design office to fulfill orders, which works in 3D SolidEdge system. The construction is followed by the production itself, where we use classic machine tools, CNS machines and a team of experienced assembly workers. The subsequent inspection is carried out at the 3D measuring centre.

Usual form of cooperation

The specific form of cooperation depends primarily on whether there is an existent project design to a required award of contract, or not. We usually work on a project design basis or, more frequently, according to a specific requirement for the final product. This flexibility makes us the right group to deal with your project, even in case you do not have the design, but you know what needs to be
produced. Thanks to our technologies, we are able to cover everything from start to finish- from the development, design, and construction to manufacturing. Then the assembly and commissioning in our production hall follows, as well as debugging, disassembling of the functional line and moving it to your premises. Furthermore, the process is completed with testing production, tuning and subsequent service. We always guarantee the quality, which is our main priority

MESPRO, s.r.o.

Olomoucká 15 (in the areal of MORA MORAVIA), 783 65 Hlubočky - Mariánské údolí

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The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the Ostrava Regional Court, Section C, Insert 24800.


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E-mail: obchod@mespro.cz

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